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What is Chemical Design

  • With a simple handle, reagent management can be excuted by every one.
  • All functions can be used on the Web Browser.
  • Just using Barcode, you can manage each botle of reagent.
  • You can manage quantity used that measured by electronic balance.
  • You can use Catalog Data of reagent Maker, and register stock.
  • You can manage amount of dangerous substance with limit.
  • You can search inventory with multiple conditions.

In the Ver.5, we have some new features

  • It is compatible with Windows7、Windows8、Windows Server 2012.
  • It can be run at multiple browsers by FlashPlayer.
  • It provides many options for both SmartPhone and Tablet.
  • Each of user can set popular function at Top page.
  • Can choose item to export file or display the inventory search results.
  • The presence or absence of used amount management can be set for every law in advance.
  • It can export QR barcode.(2D barcode)

Reffering to Chemical Structural Formula,
we have a Reagent Management System is called 『CRAIS Reagent

  • In Chemical Design System, it can not use Chemical Structural Formula, but in 「CRAIS Reagent」, it is connecting with structural formula data, so you can excute with the advanced management.
  • It is possible to search Catalog or inventory Reagent by Structural Formula, and register not only the Reagent but also the combined intermediates, compounds of your company.
試薬管理システム,CRAIS Reagent